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Sanderson Bond, Headhunters, Talent Acquisition
Vision Beyond Resourcing

Our Process

The Platform

Creating a solid framework

Our senior team consists of industry experts and functional specialists.

Clients are assigned one Account Director, supported by a team of professional consultants and researchers who have an intimate knowledge and understanding of requirments.

Our methodology is supported by can extensive network, highly sophisticated research model and specialist technical capabilities.

Account Directors with ten years experience of sourcing talent for ‘FTSE250’ clients.

The Brief

A Journey of Engagement

Briefing consultatations are designed to be unque and thought provoking.

Clients are impressed by the level of detail and rigour we apply to the initial briefing processl the strength of our results relies on our ability to uncover new and distinct thinking.

“The bried” is used as a tool to assess every aspect of our client’s business. This includes an assessment of how clients’ own motivations and leadership behaviours are supported by the values and vision which underpin the company culture.

Our attention to detail in this area both challenges and supports our clients’s clarity of thinking around the candidate and role specification.

Discovering the soul of an organisation by fully understanding it’s people first.

The Method

Using Insight, Intellect & Empathy

We design a bespoke recruitment strategy which ensures a thorough exploration of the market place, covering same sector organisations and comparable enterprises. This can include national and international sourcing capability.

An accountable and paced time-frame route maps the assignement from the beginning: From the initial brief; through to an in-depth personal interviews, capability assessment of all ‘long-list’ candidtates, presentation of the pre-screened short listed candidates, management of the interview process for all of the key stakeholders, and crafting the successful offer.

The candidate interview process is also an entirely unique experience. Our approach reflects an in-depth understanding of our clients’ commercial direction, company culture, team dynamic, and leadership values. This is complemented by a thorough assessment of candidates’ motivations, achievements and cultural fit.

Our consultants intuitively pre-empt the information candidates need to know, providing both answers and insight.

We adopt a highly consultative approach to clients and candidates throughout the process: This includes interview coaching, detailed pre and post interview feedback sessions and full management of the offer process.

Keeping candidates and clients informed and empowered through to successful appointment.

“We are a fast paced organisation and expect results quickly. We were impressed by your ability to respond to our difficult brief. After four months of looking before we met, we felt much better informed about the type of candidate we were seeking after your briefing session.”
Charles Kane, Finance Director
“A breath of fresh air in the industry to finally be working with a company that prioritises listening over speaking, and seeks to understand cultural fit and leadership behaviours in equal measure to career achievements and technical competency. Working with Sanderson Bond has been a delightful experience! ”
Sally Carlton, HR Director